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Houston’s Top 3 Best websites for listing to sell your home


Are you needing to sell your home? Looking to for the most popular websites for listing your home? Today’s market is cram packed with options.

So, we will go over the top 3 choices and what makes them stand out above the rest. The number one thing all 3 of these websites have in common they are all  have plenty of traffic to get your property notice.

Before we dive into your top 3 available websites to list your home for sale, I must mention the multiple listings site, also referred to as the MLS. The MLS is by far the largest database for listing your home to buy to sell. What is the MLS? The MLS is a private offer of cooperation and compensation by listing brokers to other real estate brokers.

The reason I will not be mentioning it in the top 3 websites is simple. Home sellers are not able to post their home directly to the MLS, due to the fact that access to this database is limited to licensed agents and brokers who pay for membership. Once the licensed real estate agent or broker has a client selling a home, they gather the necessary information then post the listing on their client’s behalf.



Redfin has become one of the best sites for listing your home.  Redfin was one of the first real estate websites to offer a map-based search. While most of the real estate websites at the time were focused on making money by running ads for brokers. Redfin came along and built a platform from the ground up focusing on customer buyers and sellers as well as joining forces with the agents who wanted to be customer advocates. Their tools, “bonus” systems, and technology are all geared to further elaborate this point. Also, listed in Redfin you will find all the broker-listed properties for sale and for-sale-by-owner homes that don’t pay brokers.

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Worth mentioning, A 2012 study conducted by Redfin calling itself “a customer-first Real Estate Brokerage,” found that out of 6,401 home listings in 33 zip codes from 11 metro areas, Redfin and local brokerage websites displayed 100% of agent-listed homes for sale, while Zillow and Trulia were missing about 20% of these listings. Also, this study conducted by Redfin claims that Trulia and Zillow lag about a week or so when displaying new listings.


Trulia is another top site to list your home to sell in 2017. Trulia gives sellers as well as home buyers and renters all the tools valuable information needed in order to make your selling and buying process top notch. Trulia is very effective in reaching the buyers in search of a home.

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Furthermore, they have some innovative web and mobile products, that help users receive insights in regard to the house they are looking to buy while connecting people with highly-skilled agents and assisting with the real estate process. Trulia has a very strong mobile presence with dedicated apps geared specifically to renters and mortgage seekers. In a joint study by The National Association of Realtors and Google, They found that 89% of people looking to buy a home did so by searching on a mobile device. You can see now, why Trulia’s ability to effectively reach the buyers puts it as one of the top 3 places to list your home for sale. Trulia is available in iPhone and Android devices.



When it comes to listing your home for sell on the web, we can not help but mention Zillow. It is the leading real estate network available on the Web and just happens to be one of my favorite listing sites. Zillow provides access to homes for sale and rent, but one of the many qualities that has it standing far above the rest is that it list more than a million homes that are  impossible to find on an MLS.  Also, Zillow has special tools available that allow you to search for home listings near the best schools, explore the neighborhoods, and even compare industry exclusive with the help of Zestimate home values.

There are four basic ways to search using Zillow:

-Search via GPS locator

-Voice search

-Type in address

-Draw a custom region on the map.

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Zillow has a many unique tools and data that other listing sites do not offer. Another of their unique tools is the Zestimate which is a Zillow term for Estimate. You can quickly get a Zestimate of what your home is worth, then find a real estate agent in your area for a more personalized number. A very useful tool, if you are looking to get a general idea of the Current Market Value of your home. Keep in mind that a Zestimate is not going to be as accurate as the MLS or an appraiser.


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    2012 Study conducted by Redfin about Redfin lol

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