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Offer Types

We understand life is messy. No matter how out of the box or difficult your situation. We don't just buy houses. We solve problems. We offer creative finance solutions to tough Real Estate problems:

-Seller Finance

-Simple assumption

-Assumption/Seller Take Back

-Wraparound Mortgage

-Mortgage Payment Assignment

-Split Funding

-Seller Carry Back Financing


-The Friends Cash Flow System

-Substitution Of Collateral

-Cash Offers

-Lease Options

-Sandwich Lease

-Lease Sell

Percentage of Offers

Wraparound Mortgage
Seller Finance
Cash Offers
Seller Carry Back Financing
Mortgage Payment Assignment
Lease Options



Each Solution is tailored to fit the individual needs of the client. These videos are nothing more than brief descriptions to help sellers have a basic understanding of some of the more popular financing solutions we offer. From relationships and tenants to negative equity and out of state, We can help with even the strangest of problems.

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