Is Your House Vacant?

Though there are any reasons a house may be vacant it is not always by choice, but it is almost always a problem for the owner. Unoccupied houses can draw unnecessary attention. Many times this unwanted attention becomes a problem for the owner and the neighborhood due to the fact that some seem to look at it as an opportunity to break windows or vandalize the property. Different seasons throughout the year, you probably pay to leave on the utilities in hopes that the property stays in good condition. Otherwise, you shut them off and hope no damage will occur. There is a caught on all sides here: Furthermore, unless you change your homeowner's policy, you may no longer be covered by insurance if your home is damaged after being unoccupied over 30 days. can provide a variety of solutions to these problems if your house is sitting vacant. We can buy the property or we can arrange to take over your monthly payments and maintain the property as long as needed until SOLD.

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