Is Your House in Foreclosure?

If you are looking at a pending foreclosure, our best advice we could offer would be to  ACT NOW!
Many people facing foreclosure do nothing and sit around waiting for the magical relief fairy or a miracle. We all acknowledge that miracles do happen, but the magical relief fairy will probably not be coming around any time soon. But what else can you do?

A large majority of  homeowners seek advice from their attorney. And why not, attorneys are supposed to have all the answers, right? Maybe, but maybe NOT.

These attorney's well intentioned advice is usually to file bankruptcy. However, even though bankruptcy does help the situation temporarily, all it really does is buy a little more time. The end result is almost always the same, the property goes to Sheriff's Sale and the homeowner loses their home. In addition, they end up with a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on their credit report. If you are in a foreclosure situation, this is the type of thing you definitely want to avoid at all costs. 

In most foreclosure situations, the best option for the homeowner is to SELL THE PROPERTY AND FAST!  This is assuming the homeowner's inability to pay the mortgage is NOT temporary.

The end result here is you will avoid having a foreclosure and possibly a bankruptcy on your credit report. Here, you can get on with your life and avoid having foreclosure haunt you for the rest of your life!

In most foreclosure situations, we can buy your house and bring your payments current. In many cases, we can even give you equity back out of your home. Believe it or not, We are able to help in many situations where your house has no equity or even negative equity.
Foreclosure is a tough situation to be in, but we are here to help. Avoid shady investors! 123 will work with you to figure out the most mutually beneficial solution for you. So, you can move on with your life while keeping your good name and credit intact!

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