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Being Transferred or Relocated?


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Being Transferred or Relocated?

A job transfer or relocation is can be a great thing. However, relocation can also be very stressful. Especially if you have to worry about selling your house before you move. Often there isn’t enough time to get your house sold before you move and you end up getting stuck making double payments on a house you no longer live in. The last thing you need to be worried about when taking a new position is selling your house.

We can buy your home quickly, and allow you to get on with your life and new opportunities. We can take over your payments and maintenance of the property. This should give you the freedom to move quickly, if needed. We will continue to handle the payments and maintenance until the house is sold and/or your mortgage is paid off in full.

Contact “123” and give us the opportunity to take your house off your hands before it becomes a financial burden for you!